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          Wingtech Technology Won the realme “Project Award”


          On September 11, the leaders of realme visited Wingtech Shanghai R&D Center to attend the "Project Award Ceremony" and awarded the "Excellent Project Team" and "Project Outstanding Individual" awards to the Wingtech project team. The award aims to recognize the outstanding performance of the Wingtech project team and individuals in project delivery.


          At the award ceremony, the leaders of Wingtech Technology delivered a speech, thanking realme for giving Wingtech trust, and affirmed the cohesion, sense of purpose and mission demonstrated by the project team during such project, he said: This project is the largest FCST of realme so far with the most complicated planning and was the best cost-effective project. Under the impact of the 2020 epidemic, the Wingtech team and the realme team worked closely together, withstood many difficult tests, and set a new benchmark in the ODM industry.


          The leader of realme delivered a speech at the award ceremony: The Wingtech team and the realme team became like-minded partners. Wingtech team has been low-key, pragmatic and efficient, which strongly impressed realme. This result-oriented style of Wingtech fits the realme culture. The current market performance of the project is particularly excellent. It was sold out in an instant in India, and 150,000 units were sold in two minutes. Such achievements are inseparable from the hard work of Wingtech team. Let realme and Wingtech join hands in the future cooperation to create further brilliance.


          Ma Jun, divisional general manager of Wingtech Technology, said that the cooperation between Wingtech and realme in recent years has become more and more in-depth and tacit, and the two teams have made each other better through this project. The Wingtech team has benefited a lot from realme's pursuit of extreme and perfect working style. Wingtech's team will take this project as a turning point, uphold a pragmatic style, overcome obstacles all the way, and strive for the top.


          Wingtech dares to take the lead in the 5G wave. Its main business has expanded from the communications business to semiconductor business, forming a huge industrial layout from chip design, wafer manufacturing, semiconductor assembling and testing to industrial Internet of Things, communication terminals, laptops, IoT, and R&D and manufacturing of automobiles electronics. Wingtech Technology will integrate the advantages of the two major business sectors and accelerate the collaboration between Wingtech and Nexperia in terms of customers, supply chain, R&D resources, and innovation capabilities. With the advent of 5G, Wingtech will help Nexperia in the consumer field and Nexperia will help Wingtech to make a breakthrough in the automotive field, realizing the coordinated development of Wingtech's communication business and semiconductor business, and work with customers and partners to create unlimited possibilities on our path to the future!


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